Connecting brands to Chinese ecommerce

Founded in 2016 in London, Samarkand is a cross-border eCommerce company focused on connecting Western brands with China, the world’s largest eCommerce market. In the last 5 years, the Chinese eCommerce market has evolved at breakneck speed, yet our mission remains as relevant as ever – to make Chinese eCommerce simple, accessible, and profitable for brands and retailers of all sizes. Our proprietary software platform, Nomad, is at the core of delivering growth for our own brands and customers alike, covering commerce, distribution, logistics, payments, and analytics.

To learn more about Samarkand’s products and services, please visit our Solutions page.

A Technology Platform Built For Chinese Ecommerce

The Samarkand proprietary technology platform Nomad makes Chinese eCommerce simple, accessible and profitable for your brand.

European HQ With Operational Team in China

Combining brand management in Europe with eCommerce experts in China, Samarkand is the bridge between your brand and the Chinese consumer.

A Range of Solutions For Brands of All Sizes

With prices starting from £199 per month, Samarkand has solutions for your brand whether it is just starting out in China or is already a market leader.

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