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General News

Outstanding Cross-border Trade Enterprise Award Win

SCEA Award Image

Samarkand Group Plc is honoured to have been granted the Outstanding Cross-border Trade Enterprise Award at the second Golden eBusiness Awards, held by the Shanghai Cross-Border E-Commerce Association (SCEA). The granting of this award greatly affirms the important role of Samarkand in promoting the development of cross-border eCommerce in Shanghai, and also reflects the outstanding performance of the company in cross-border eCommerce.

Winners of this award are selected by the Shanghai Cross-border eCommerce Association (SCEA) every four years for their outstanding performance and significant contribution to the development of local cross-border eCommerce.

The evaluation of the Golden eBusiness Award is initiated by the association, composed of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Customs, Shanghai Taxation Bureau, Shanghai Administration of Foreign Exchange, Shanghai eCommerce Promotion Centre and other institutions and experts.

Samarkand is committed to providing technical services and professional support for overseas brands to enter the Chinese market, and has developed a proprietary software platform Nomad Checkout (东西海淘), which integrates all necessary touch points for eCommerce, including eCommerce platforms, payments, logistics, social media and customs. The one-stop digital cross-border solution allows overseas merchants to sell direct to consumers quickly and build a global brand in China.

Winning the Outstanding Cross-border Trade Enterprise Award serves as a strong reminder that Samarkand is a truly innovative company recognised both at home and abroad for its excellence in cross-border eCommerce.

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