Luxury jewellery brand Tateossian launches first online store in China

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tateossian, a high-end jewellery and accessory brand with it's own boutiques and concessions in retailers such as Harrods and popular with Chinese consumers is now selling direct to consumers in the world's largest eCommerce market thanks to it's partnership with Chinese eCommerce specialist Samarkand Global.

The first online store has been launched on the popular social media and eCommerce platform XiaoHongShu (Little Red Book) which has over 80 million monthly users and is sometimes compared to Instagram with advanced eCommerce features.

Luxury Jewellery and Accessory Brand

The store is designed and operated by China eCommerce specialist, Samarkand Global, running on it's proprietary NOMAD platform. With a strong presence in offline retailer through it's own boutiques and concessions in retailers such as Harrods, Tateossian has become a popular brand amongst fashion conscious Chinese customers looking for exquisite style and quality.

The entry of Tateossian into the Chinese market through cross-border eCommerce represents an excellent opportunity for the brand to reach a huge new market.

The Gateway to eCommerce in China