Nomad - the direct-to-consumer (DTC) solutions built for China the largest Ecommerce market in the world

Nomad, Samarkand’s proprietary technology platform, integrates across all touch points required for eCommerce in China including payments, logistics, marketplaces, social media, and customs.
To enable the global DTC experience of the future, Nomad’s end-to-end solutions with products and services across technology, operations, and analytics removes gaps between brands and consumers.

The Nomad Suite

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Sell DTC to China from Your Own .com

An easy to install eCommerce SaaS plugin for converting traffic for China to sales

Optimised Speed

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Localised payment & logistics options

Seamless customs clearance

Integrated with major eCommerce platforms

Enterprise version available for bespoke deployment

Integrating Nomad Checkout on your eCommerce website is simple with 3 steps.

Fill out the Merchant Application form

Install Nomad Checkout and upload product details

Start Selling

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Consolidated approach to online marketplaces

Value added services for maximising Nomad’s ROI and delivering localised brand experience

Consolidated solution for branded storefronts across marketplaces

Centralised platform for stock, product, and order management

Live data dashboard and analytics

Delivered by Samarkand Store Operations and Customer Service team in China

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Simplified Social Commerce

Social media platform integration for powering growth through influencer-operated stores

Access a fast-growing market with estimated GMV £423 billion in 2020

Impactful engagement with Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs)

Convert social commerce traffic to sales on WeChat and beyond

Seamless customer experience with CBEC DTC fulfilment

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End-to-end China eCommerce Solution

Mobile and desktop platform for building and operating custom-built stores

Optimised customer experience for China

Localised payment integration

Optimised site speed hosted on AliCloud infrastructure

Content management system, recommendation engine, and analytics and event tracking in one place

Built With Nomad Commerce

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