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eCommerce Services

Samarkand Global has solutions for large multi-nationals and niche brands alike. Services include eCommerce store operations, customer service, digital marketing, fulfilment and logistics.

eCommerce Distribution

Our account managers and sales teams in China work closely with eCommerce platforms to handle all aspects of  distribution. We manage all aspects of your online distribution in China.

Data & Analytics

As well as being experts in Chinese eCommerce we are a data driven business. Our NOMAD platform gives unrivalled insight  on your operations in China making sense of an unfamiliar market.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing teams work across all aspects of social and digital media in China.  We plan and execute in close collaboration with our clients to ensure brand values translate but are maintained in China.

Logistics & Fulfilment

We have infrastructure in Europe and China including our own distribution centre to ensure the optimum logistics solutions are in place. Fully complaint with Chinese customs to ensure smooth operations.

Retailer Solutions

Outbound tourism from China has exploded in recent years with over 140 million trips and $260 billion spent whilst abroad. We provide a solution for  retailers to capitalise on this incredible opportunity.

China eCommerce made easy.

Samarkand Global provides the gateway connecting Western brands & retailers with the enormous and rapidly growing Chinese eCommerce market.
Located in Europe and China we are experts in eCommerce, digital marketing and sales. Our proprietary technology platform, NOMAD, enables Western businesses to conduct eCommerce in China like never before

eCommerce Services

A solution to fit businesses of any size and any point of their journey in China. We work closely with our clients to create the right solution based on their needs and ambitions in China.

eCommerce Store Operations

Our store operation teams are eCommerce specialists with extensive experience operating eCommerce stores across a myriad of online channels. Our solution covers the full range of store operation services from project planning and execution to the store design, optimisation, promotion planning all the way through to order processing and fulfilment and post-sales support.

Retailer Solutions

Over 140 million outbound tourists and over $57 billion spent on shopping while abroad. Europe is fast becoming a preferred destination with almost 40% of visitors. Are you ready to make the most of this? Get in touch to find out how NOMAD-O2O can turn your visitors in Europe into sales in China.
Our NOMAD O2O retail solution enables retailers in Europe to capitalise on the huge increase in Chinese shoppers physically in-store and convert them into sales in China.

Data & Analytics

As well as being experts in Chinese eCommerce we are a data driven technology business. China has it's own set off internet giants that are similar but also very different to those in the West. Our NOMAD platform makes sense of this and gives brands and retailers a familiar view of an unfamiliar eco-system. Our NOMAD platform gives unrivalled insight  on your operations in China


With our headquarters in Europe we work closely with our clients to ensure their brand and values translate to the Chinese market. Our marketing teams plan and execute digital campaigns, offline promotional events and work across all social media channels in China.
We work with key influencers both in China and abroad and we even have our own live-streaming studio in Europe with a dedicated high-speed connection to China.

eCommerce Distribution

We work with all major eCommerce platforms in China and provide B2B distribution services to our clients who require them taking the risk and complexity out of doing business in China from afar. Our teams in the UK and China work on a daily basis with the eCommerce platforms in China. We handle all aspects of distribution from sales account management, marketing & promotion planning, performance monitoring and order fulfilment.

Logistics & Fulfilment

We make trade happen by aggregating the cost and complexity. Ensuring products are delivered in China is a complex issue in itself with strict regulations and tight controls. In addition to our own self-operated warehouse we work with the biggest names in Chinese logistics and fulfilment to make sure your new customers in China receive their orders on-time and hassle free.

The Gateway to Chinese eCommerce

Growing your sales in China

Whatever stage of your market entry into China a customised solution can be created

Research & Preparation

You may already have demand and sales in China or you may be looking at the market for the first time. Regardless of where you are in your journey we can provide valuable research and insights to maximise success.


A customised solution will be developed based on our your requirements, budgets and ambitions in China. Our model allows for a flexible, controllable market entry.

Design & Develop

Working together we will design and build the eCommerce stores and digital marketing strategy. Our account managers in Europe work closely with our clients to ensure the brand values translate but are maintained

eCommerce launch in China

Sales & Marketing

With the eCommerce and marketing strategy planned and the channels built we move to the launch and execution phase.

Store Operation & Support

Our teams in China and Europe handle every aspect of the store operations. Store optimisation, promotion planning, customer service, fulfilment & logistics, all handled by experts in their respective fields. Through our NOMAD platform you will have full visibility

Logistics & Fulfilment

Complex and changing rules and regulations can cause huge problems for companies trying to manage this themselves. We have a  fulfilment process compliant with the latest tax and regulatory framework and distributions centres in Europe and China

With you every step of the way accelerating your sales in China
The Gateway to Chinese eCommerce

an extensive network of partners and specialists

Additional Services

IP Protection

We have a network of specialist IP lawyers and local resources to help navigate this aspect of the Chinese market. This can be an intimidating and stressful aspect for brand owners but we are here to help.

it infrastructure

We work closely with Alibaba Cloud which is the #1 cloud computing provider in China. We can offer all aspects of IT infrastructure hosting and management including ICP licence applications.

market research

If you are thinking about entering the market but want to understand more before making that commitment we can share many insights and conduct bespoke studies to help inform your decision making process.

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