Iceland Foods launches online China

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Known in the UK for it's frozen food at affordable prices China may not seem like an obvious market for the high street UK retailer but as it proved at the dawn of online shopping by being the first UK supermarket to offer the service it maintains it's innovative mindset by entering the Chinese market via cross-border eCommerce in partnership with Samarkand Global.

Selling it's range of Iceland Luxury ambient grocery and branded products directly to customers in China was the first step towards a wider market entry for one of the UKs largest retailers. Cross border eCommerce represented a great way for the supermarket to explore the market and start to grow brand awareness before making a bigger push into wider distribution within China.

Powered by Samarkand Global's NOMAD technology platform the retailer sells on a popular WeChat based eCommerce platform and on China's second largest eCommerce platform JD.

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