Nomad: built for Chinese eCommerce

Data analytics

Order management

Stock management

Social media analytics





Nomad - Proprietary technology platform

Samarkand has built a bespoke platform and suite of tools designed for the unique requirements of Chinese eCommerce

The Nomad Suite

Sell direct to China through your own .com

Checkout for China

Customs compliant cross border route

Preferred Chinese payment methods

Be China ready in 24 hours

Trackable delivery by China’s most trusted logistics company

All your sales and social data in one platform

China as a Platform

All stock, sales, product information and store design managed in one platform

Operated by Samarkand Store Operations and Customer Service team in China

Integrated with major eCommerce marketplaces and social media platforms


eCommerce platform capable of offline-to-online acquisition solution for bricks-and-mortar retailers
Mobile only solution supports core eCommerce functionality with an extensive development roadmap 

Technology is powering cross-border eCommerce within the UnionPay QuickPass APP. QuickPass has over 200m users registered in China.

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